Latest insider gossip from the production squad

The director says we must have a ball pool in the show to represent the Queen Bee’s eggs. Gemma wants some bee ‘eggs’ to light up. Bob the AV chap suggested ‘throwies’. These look like massive fun.

Many small different coloured LED lights scattered on a surface

No idea if these things will make it into the final set, but I’m crossing my wings.

honey bee wings photograph

Talking of wings, Kat, the designer has commissioned wings of steel for Queen Bee, Barnabee and me. They have to be sturdy and robust to withstand three shows per day during the tour, so the frames will be made of steel.

yellow hexagon shapeJames Merry’s bee animations will be projected onto hexagon shapes during the show.Director Gemma Fairlie said, “The whole design is bee-d up to the max (all the props are going to be “bimped” – bee pimped) and it will be a fun game to spot how many objects in the show have the hexagon shape. The set is being built soon – and appropriate wallpaper and curtains sourced from Homebuzz and Bee and Q.”

Gemma later apologised for the bee puns, but it was too late.

Today’s top tip from our projection expert Bob Jaroc: “You never project black; you project an empty vortex of time.” Troo say. diagram of planet earth in space, with a large projector simulating a space time vortex

On a lighter note, Will, our lighting chap is buying me some disco lights for my waggle dance disco stage.  Ah, ha, ha, ha, Staying Alive/ Got the wings of heaven on my shoes. I’m a dancin’ bee and I just can’t lose. (Stolen Bee Gees lyrics, and not my actual lines).

different coloured disco lights shining onto dance floor

The nize weather we’ve been having is annoying. The hosepipe ban means we might have to use concrete ballasts to pitch our tent if the ground is too hard. I’ve offered to do a rain waggle dance, which will sort the problem out.

I hope that gives you some idea of some of the complex and magic elements that are going in to making this show THE MOST AMAZZING BEE DETECTIVE SHOW in the world.

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