Casting announcement – Sophie Bee, Queen Bee and Barnabee

Huzzah! We are very happy to announce the cast for Bee Detective. There are three main characters in this thrilling murder mystery.

Sophie Bee (Sophie Woolley)
Exploded Sophie Bee diagram
Brave, intrepid, adventurous scout bee, thrill seeker
Likes: Waggle dancing and flying outside looking for nectar
Hates: Lies and wasps.

Queen Bee (Chris Morgan)
Queen Bee in her robes
A vain, workaholic egg layer of few words, mother to 40,000 (including Sophie and Barnabee).
Likes: Her birthday
Hates: Children

Barnabee (Daniel Alun)

Boy bee with his jedi knight saber
Playful, lazy, jealous of his big sisters, especially Sophie Bee.
Likes: BeeBook, marching and honey.
Hates: Bears and worker bee waggle dancing

We start rehearsals in April, directed by Gemma Fairlie with Bee Sign Language monitoring from Daryl Jackson. Watch our amazing animated trailer!

Check out our tour dates. The show premiers at Brighton Festival 5-7 May.

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