Beehive wigs & bee arms

Rehearsals are now under way at a secret London location. I spent many happy hours this week watching Queen Bee and Barnabee (her son) rehearse, using the Honey Acting Technique, under the genius direction of Gemma Fairlie.

strictly come waggle dancing

Honey bees communicate the location of nectar sources (flowers) to each other by waggle dancing. It’s like sat nav, but more disco. As a scout bee, dancing is an important part of my character in the show.

While my co bees enjoyed an afternoon off, on Friday, Gemma put me through waggle dance boot camp. My character (Sophie Bee) is “the best waggle dancer in the world”. And Oh My Beez do I have a lot of dance practise to do! The dance is very nize howev, and one that all the human children can join in with during the show.

beehive wigs

Kat the designer popped in with our bee arms so we could try them out. No pics yet but I will post some when they are finished. The Queen Bee and I also tried on our beehive wigs. THEY ARE AMAZZING. The Queen looked stunning, and everyone had tears in their eyes and spontaneously applauded when she put it on.

Cartoon drawing of Queen Bee in her robes and crown. She is large and plump.

Her majesty’s wig is taller than mine, with precious jewels, but mine is platinum blond, with dark stripes. I can’t wait to make an entrance on stage! As you probably know, blond striped beehive wigs are an essential accessory for top bee detectives.

Big thanks to the Guardian newspaper for the beeeautiful plug this week. I love the way they dub the show a ‘bee extravaganza’.

Right back to my Strictly Come Waggle dance practice.

Buzz and out.

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