Casting news: Welcoming Elinor Keber – the new Sophie Bee

Like Doctor Who, the detective bee in our play has become a character that regenerates every so often, with a new actor taking over the role.

Swift recap of all the casting drama for newbies (if you’ve heard it all before, skip to PART 2.). I  was meant to be playing Sophie Bee (as well as writing the script) but a car knocked me off my bike on the way to rehearsals, breaking my shoulder. So Gemma our director stood in for my role for the first part of our tour.


We’ve just recast the role so that Gemma Fairlie (Sophie Bee #2) can resume full time directing of the show.

So, with great pleasure and excitement I’d like to announce that the new Sophie Bee (#3) is the lovely Elinor Keber, who impressed us at the original auditions back in February. I am looking forward to seeing what she makes of the intrepid bee detective and self-nominated ‘best waggle dancer IN THE WORLD’.

Sophie Woolley with arm in a blue sling

Sophie Bee No.1

Gemma Fairlie – second regeneration of the Dt. Bee who gained a following of beestung fans with her performances.

Elinor is cramming lines and will rehearse the role before our Alnwick dates in Northumberland (13-15 July).

Inother newz, we had a great time at Unity Festival last month and loved the Cardiff audiences! Thanks Wales xxx

After Alnwick we come to London for nine shows over a weekend at Southbank Centre (30 Aug/1-2 Sept). I’ll be putting in an appearance on a panel discussion on 30 August at 2pm. Looking forward to sitting next to some  VERY impressive artists. More on that in my next blog.

I was also excited to see one of my honeybee experts has a new book out called The Urban Beekeeper. Steve Benbow has been a great supporter and mentor in the script writing process.

Elinor Keber – latest actor to play Dt Sophie Bee, who buzzed with excitement on twizzer this week: “Delighted to bee on board.”


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