Sneak preview pics!

I have just got back from tech in our beeeautiful tent. It’s looking pretty incredible. The whole tech and art team have worked with astonishing speed. Gemma is a miracle director turned understudy turned bee turned detective. Her and Dan are just great together as bickering bruv and sis. No pics of the Queen Bee yet – you will just have to trust me that she is truly wonderful and gorge, the best queen bee ever, and I can’t wait for you to meet and greet her. The animations are jaw dropping and the vibrating floor is supercool. I’m so pleased.

We open this weekend at Brighton Fest.

I will blog more soon. Must rest my broken wing. Thanks to my terp Mo Bergson for the snaps.

Sophie Bee (Gemma Fairlie) and Barnabee ( Daniel Alun)


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