Costume and set sneak preview

Bee Detective designer Kat Heath measured me for my costume yezterday. The sketches look amazzing. Here is a sneak preview!

Sophie Bee, detective in a yellow/black tassle dress, cape and wings.

Barnabee (Sophie's brother) in stripey top and braces and cap

Queen Bee in sequined tassle gown

Now Kat has the actor’s measurements she is buying material to sew the costumes together. The Queen will have sequins on her dress, and I’m a bit jel. But we both have beehive hair, and I’m the only bee in the world with a magnifying glass.

Here is Kat’s model for the set. She has to make precise calculations to make sure the honeycomb screens are the right height for the projector. The subtitles and animations will be projected onto three of the honeycomb screens across the stage.

Set model on Kat's desk, with costume design sketch book

Set design model with honeycombs including honey comb shaped screens

One thought on “Costume and set sneak preview

  1. Costumes like these need to be manufactured! I am inspired by the designs here, the children often come into my shop and ask for Bee Costumes. We do supply them but these are something else!

    Thanks for the share

    A. Rydin

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