Bee Detective set to win theatre award for buzziest director

Bee ready for our tour launch at Brighton Festival! Here’s the bzlurb about our show from the festival brochure.

“Sophie Bee’s busy life is a happy buzz of pollen seeking, dancing with her fellow bees and making yummy honey. But when the worker bees begin to disappear, can Sophie use all her deductive powers to solve the mystery and save the hive? Staged in a bee-autiful tent, this interactive, multisensory theatre experience invites you to join the investigation and help the intrepid Sophie with her enquiries. Combining performance, projected animations and waggle dancing, Bee Detective is accessible to deaf people through innovative projected captioning and sign language and essential viewing for all.”

Meanwhile I am very exzited to report that our first week playing with the actors in a Sarf London rehearsal room was amazzing. We played with a bubble machine, a million billion ball pool balls and some suspicious looking toys.

Can you buzzlieve it? It was bee-slave labour! The Bee Detective director forced the actors and writer to work very hard on playing with the toyz and we had to learn new, experimental ways to buzz and waggle dance. It was exhausting and we had to eat extra honey to survive. Fortunately no one died so we will definitely bee able to tell the amazzing story of the Bee Detective to you this summer.

We are confident we will all end up winning all the Buzzybee Theatre Awards for best bee impersonator, best bee detective actress, best baddy, best queen, best bee animation, best play about a bee detective and buzziest director.

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