Exclusive sneak preview of Queen Bee’s eggs

Rehearsal report – week 2: I’m the writer AND I play the detective in the show itself, which means I’m a very busy bee right now. But I can’t claim to as busy as a queen bee, who spends almost her entire life laying eggs, day in day out.

Some of the Queen Bee’s eggs for the show arrived this week! Our hive Queen Bee (Chris Morgan) will reside in a ball pool for most of the play, laying these ‘eggs’: bag filled with transparent balls





There are two other fabulous actors in the show, Chris Morgan and Daniel Alun. Two weeks into rehearsals and I’m still fine tuning the script as the director, Gemma leads us all through each scene in depth.

Director Gemma pictures from the back in black top that says 'director' on it.

Guess who?

This afternoon I’m memorising all my lines in both English and sign language. In the show we speak and sign the lines – at the same time. This means deaf children can follow the show as well as hearing.  Daryl Jackson is working as our sign language monitor, to help us adapt the script into stage and child-friendly signs. The show is fully subtitled every date too! Our animator, James Merry is working round the clock to create beautiful animations to go with the subtitles.

Please help us spread the word about the show! We are at 4 festivals this summer. Share this trailer with all your friends! Zanx and zee you at the show. :Bz

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